KAM Snaps Starter Fasteners Kit -360pcs Snap Size 20 + Pliers for Crafts Clothing


  • asin: B00L0XJHLE
  • WHY KAM SNAPS ARE MOST TRUSTED? REASON A – KAM snaps for crafts/clothing are lead free, comply with CPSIA regulations concerning phthalate content in children’s products. Other copycats snap fasteners kit don’t meet the regulations. Kam snaps size 20 are commonly used size.
  • REASON B – KAM snaps are made of polyacetal resin, a type of plastic that is stronger and more durable than other types of plastic. No problems for washing over and over. Don’t melt or become brittle in boiling water!
  • REASON C – If you both have KAM pliers and other brands, you will find that KAM pliers require much less hand strength than others! After applying hundreds of snaps, you will find KAM pliers is still sturdy.
  • WHAT’S in the tool case – KAM pliers, an extra metal rod, 3pcs plastic dies (for size 16, 20 and 22), screwdriver (to change different size dies), awl (to poke a hole), tweezers (to pick up snap).
  • WHAT’S in the snaps case – 12 colors snaps – Black, White, Red, Hot-pink, Baby Pink, Yellow, Green, Aquamarine, Lite Blue, Purple, Brown and Gray. 30 set snaps for each color.



360 set T5 snaps + Plier



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