Seawhisper Punch Style Felting Needle Tool with 7 Barbed Needles Craft Wool Felt DIY Stitch


  • Material: PVC / Alloy, Size: 3cm x10cm. Suitable for wool, or all kinds of soft material.
  • Needle felting is the process of punching barbed needles through roving laid over a surface fabric. When done, the barbs on the tool’s needles grab the roving and pull it down through the surface fabric. This causes the roving to become tangled through the weave of the fabric, leaving it attached. Needle felting is fast and easy, and the results are incredible. Here you have a very popular tool for just that.
  • The needle felting tool holds 7 triangular felting needles in a small area to help make felting faster. The barbed needles are easily interchangeable so you can use the right gauge needle for your project. Good needle felting supplies with a Clear Lock Cover even for the beginner.
  • Package Included- 1 x Punch for felt (With 7 Triangular Felting Barbed Needles- ideal for felting soft fabrics.)
  • Notice: The needles should be punched in and come out the same direction, e.g., Straight into the straight out….in at an angle, out at the same angle. Otherwise, the needles can be easily broken.


For anyone wanting a multi needle ‘punch’ style tool for felting look no further.


Needle Felting Tool with Seven Needles.

Seven barbed needles that catch the fibres and push them in to the base fabric.

Instructions included. Not suitable for use by children.

Also ideal for attaching appliques to knits.

No thread or glue needed.

Newly cut, very sharp and fast to felt with.

The needles have been designed to reduce breakage. More barbs mean faster felting.





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