Yarn Swift Yarn Winder Yarn Ball Winder Knitting Yarn Holder


  • WHY CHOOSE this yarn swifter – metal parts are thicker, sturdier than green ones. Dimensions: 21″ x 19″ x 17″. The storage case is 17.5″ x 2″ x 2″ (prevents it damaging by delivery and keeps it clean)
  • WHAT’S THE ADVANTAGE – can be set up either horizontally or vertically! Better shaped, much lighter than the Wood Swift. Can be kept mounted on a table easily along with yarn ball winder.
  • The table clamp or clip is 1.75″ (use it on a table thinner than 1.75″/4.5cm), which holds the swift in place and spins freely as you wind skeins. The clamp doesn’t love rounded edged table. It stays put fine, but not quite as strongly anchored as on an angular-edged table. Note the clamp will leave marks on a wood table. Cover with something protective.
  • The metal construction means this knitting yarn swift folds up more compact than the wood ones. It’s very light and easy to work with. The end is designed so you can put the swift at any angle you want. Once you figure out how to use the clamp it’s easy to set up either horizontally or vertically. The size is easy to adjust and it runs smoothly. If you have limited table space, you can use this hanging off the table, without it getting in the way.
  • The yarn swift tabletop is a workhorse. We have used the yarn swifts with different yarn weights from lace to Aran, and wound scads of skeins of everything from crochet cotton size 10 to a heavy worsted, and it’s worked for all. It can rock a little when using the top handle, but nothing to make you discard it. You can use it to unravel sweaters from thrift shops to reuse the yarn (cashmere, wool, alpaca). We unravel the sweater directly to the swift, creating 60″ hanks.


Tired of winding your wool yourself? Use Seawhisper Woll Swift that does the work for you, get beautiful balls every time with minimal effort.
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